The Coach

Ariel RK, CNSF


IMG_2897.JPGAriel has worked as an associate consultant and researcher for a national consulting company that specializes in corrections, implementation science, and evidence-based practices that promote behavior change and reduce recidivism for the past several years.

Ariel, as a trainer and coach, focuses on positive habit building that supports enhanced performance.  Ariel considers herself an Adaptive Coach which is her way of combining multiple best-practices to support the most effective transformation process possible for her clients.

Her extensive and eclectic education background, including holding a certification as a Neuroscultping Facilitator and Transformational leadership coach provides a rich knowledge base for understanding how to optimize the change process and support others to develop positive habits that will provide them with best possible outcomes for their lives.

Her education background is in Contemplative Psychology and Traditional Eastern Arts from Naropa University.  Her current focus is Industrial Organizational Psychology, focusing on change management, performance and health psychology.  Her other interests include contemplative practice, applied neuroscience, life/developmental coaching, and somatic-based healing modalities.  She is also a yoga teacher and has spent significant time studying the art and science of yoga, and understands embodiment to be an integral aspect of the human potential moment.