Fear Coaching

Fear: the energetic signal within us that triggers a calculated potential for immanent pain (or even death) and the organic response that desires painlessness and life.

How is fear programmed?

Through years and years of learning during your lifetime and in the history of humanity.

What does fear want?

To go untested

When should we listen?

When we decided that our object of fear is something to be afraid of–but then we also have choices:

can we buffer against the feared outcome?  Can we choose a new path?  Can we see the up-side?  Can we become curious about our present experience?  Can we find joy given the limitations of our existence?

When should we test our fears?

Often.  So much of our fear is preprogrammed based on past experience that only 10% of what we fear is probable.  We are wired to focus more on the scary outcomes because that is our survival instinct, but that is no way to live or prosper in the process.  Testing our fears is a special process and must be done intelligently, or at least with common sense.  And yet–we also have to challenge our intellect at times to break-through.  Fear coaching is one mechanism for uncovering the underlying fears that don’t hold “sense” anymore and channel this energy in new productive directions.

If you feel stuck and are lacking high enough levels of satisfaction with your existence, fear might be holding you back.  Fear coaching can help you gain clarity on the ways in which you are holding yourself back from the things you are desiring.  Fear coaching also creates practical explorations of new behaviors and choices you can make to move closer to your goals.