Below is a list of Habit Hack Services.  Click on each one to learn more.

Adaptive Change Coaching

Habit Hack Adaptive Coaching (AC) journeys are short-term, affordable interventions for leveling up. HHAC applies a holistic approach to a client’s coaching needs.  Whether those needs are to enhance performance in life or business, a custom coaching schedule will be designed to strategically meet client goals, and in the process, create opportunities for deepening self-knowledge and enhancing the quality of life. Schedule a free discovery call today.

Fear Coaching

Fear coaching is a customized intervention for individuals to move through important transitions in life and truly allow for change.  This form of coaching goes deep and rocks your world for the purpose of emerging as your highest self.  This coaching format is for people who are ready to dance with their humanness and life purpose. Schedule a free discovery call today.

Business Communication Consulting

The way in which we communicate can make or break the success of any endeavor.  Habit Hack views dialogue as an interpersonal communication habit, which when treated as such, involves both individual and group transformation.  Adaptive coaching, direct observation, and somatic approaches are utilized to both diagnose where dialogue flow is being hindered and collaboratively design an intervention. Schedule a free discovery call today. 

Somatic Addiction Management

Are you struggling with a low-level addiction to something in your life?  Have you gone through treatment and looking to up-level the recovery process?  Habit Hack’s Somatic Addiction Management (SAM) combines multiple techniques to support personal mastery over the addiction in our lives.  Schedule a free discovery call today.  

Anti-Fragile Yoga

Learn how to hack your system to enhance overall performance and love your life more!  Stress Hacking Yoga applies modern science and ancient wisdom to gain self-awareness and cultivate a healthy stress response.  This class is a fun mix of Hatha Yoga, Neuroscultping, Somatic Centering Techniques, and Authentic Movement.  Hope to see you at a class soon. Check-out the schedule here.  

Neuroscultping Classes

Neurosculpting® is a trademarked 5-step process of meditation and mental entrainment designed to enhance the brain’s natural neuroplasticity while helping to heal and rewrite deep stress patterns.  Train your brain with the 5-step Neurosculpting process.  The practice can be as simple as some daily meditations and mental exercises, and as comprehensive as a full life-plan to include nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, and one-on-one support.  Attend a class with Ariel and learn more at