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I’m Ariel RK, I would like to introduce you Habit Hack.

I guess I might fit the “hacker” personality type; unsatisfied with being held back by my own self-imposed limitations.  I was simply “burned-out” by the internal war between my deepest desires and my habits.  Despite all my best intentions, I seemed to always find myself swimming in a world of chaos due to my bad habits and addictions.  Whether it was food, cigarettes, or procrastination, my higher-order thinking and basic nature seemed to be grossly out of alignment.  The side affect: low energy, stress, underachieving, self-doubt, eating too many gummy bears and more. I knew if I was able to somehow break through the underlying habits, I would be able to enjoy my life more  and achieve more of my “dreams”.  In order to turn more of my dreams into reality and make more out of life, I sought to answer this question:

Why do people continue to do what they know is holding them back?

This search lead me on a journey of both personal healing and professional development.  A variety of life experiences (check the bio) lead me to develop an integrative model built to expose and manifest greater levels of “human potential” through learning how to make habits a choice and make personal transformation more efficient and accessible.


Habit Hack merges modern science and ancient wisdom to unlock expanded potentiality. By not only releasing limiting habits, but empowering healthy habits, the model enhances performance and well-being in many areas of life and business.

The design is grounded in neuroscience and the behavioral science, and combines the use of cutting-edge interdisciplinary approaches to understanding human behavior change.

Habit Hack is appropriate for any person or organization that values performance enhancement and quality of life.

The Habit Hack approach combines workshops, coaching, and DIY tools that are customized to each client’s needs. Click here to check out our services.

Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime: to live to your fullest potential!

Habit Hack exists to help you do that.


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